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Call Us Today!
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  • Marlboro Flea reserves the right to refuse admission to any seller and to inspect all merchandise.  Any dealer found in possession of illegal goods will be removed from the market and the authorities will be contacted.
  • Pornography is prohibited.  All items sold or displayed must comply with Marlboro Flea’s strict standards in order to maintain a wholesome family environment .
  • Absolutely NO fireworks, tobacco items, or liquor sales.
  • No games of chance or skill or raffles are allowed without approval of management.
  • No soliciting or walking sales.
  • No sales of concession-type foods are permitted.
  • All vendors must keep their displays out of the aisles.
  • Vendor displays in outside spaces must not be more than 5 feet high.
  • Subleasing of a space is not permitted.
  • Sellers agree to be responsible for any and all injury or damage to persons or property arising from occupancy of space or seller’s activities.  
  • No merchandise, awnings, piping, or tables can be left overnight.
  • Anyone causing a disturbance in this market will be escorted from the grounds.
  • Use of obscene language or gestures will not be tolerated.
  • Vendors must clean their spaces at the end of the day.  Trash must be placed in the large trash cans or dumpster.  Cardboard must be broken down flat.  Vendors are to dispose only a minimal amount of trash in Marlboro Flea facilities.  If a vendor leaves trash in a space, a minimum cleanup charge of $30 per space will be assessed to the vendor.  
  • No sales of dogs, cats, birds, or any other live animals.
  • No animals permitted at the market unless it is a service animal.
  • No sales of firearms of any type are permitted.   


  • Outside spaces (12'x8')  -  $10.00/day
  • Oversized outside spaces (24'x8') —   $20.00/day
  • Indoor spaces  (12' x8') — $15.00/day (daily rate- ask us about discounted monthly rates)
  • Oversized indoor spaces (24'x8') — $30.00/day (daily rate- ask us about discounted monthly rates)
  • Electric where available- $5 per day additional charge
Holiday pricing:  There is a $5 premium charge over and above the regular price for all non-reserved inside and outside spaces on Saturdays and Mondays for our three holiday weekend specials: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day.